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“The most unique and innovative treatment in the history of aesthetics.”
This is no small statement, but it was made by DMK’s founder and principal, Danné Montague-King in reference to StemZyme™, a new treatment programme that has been nearly a decade in the making, and is set to truly revolutionise facial aesthetics in the UK. StemZyme™ is a revolutionary 50-day specialised and targeted treatment programme that works to reverse the decline in adult epidermal skin cells, aids the process of adult epidermal skin cell renewal, triggers successful stem cell differentiation into various skin cells and tissues, and bolsters the skin cell lifecycle at every stage of its process.

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is the most profound and nascent type of cell within an organism. It is entirely unspecialised, and represents the first ‘stage’ in the development of a cell within the human body, into its final purpose/specialism. As specialist cells in any of our major organs reach the end of their lifespan, it is stem cells that develop into these cell types and replenish them. This is the process of repairing and rebuilding the human body, and in the case of the skin, cell replenishment is the very essence of ‘age management’.
So, in theory, the route to perfect skin is as simple as ensuring that the epidermal skin cells remain healthy and continue to multiply. Easy, right? Well, sadly not. Because, as a person chronologically ages, epidermal stem cells decline in number. To put this into perspective, when you’re born, you could have 1 billion stem cells in your body. But by the time you’re 80, this figure has fallen to just 100-million. That’s 10% of the original figure!
In order to explain this, we need to focus on what’s going on at a cellular level. But first, it might be easier to start with an analogy we’re all familiar with. Think of your skin like an old house; as it ages, the foundation begins to weaken. So, even if you were to undertake constant renovations, if the foundations of the house are not properly maintained, the house will eventually collapse. In that sense, the most essential element of ensuring the whole house’s longevity, is to fortify the foundation upon which it is built.
And just like any house, the key to ‘strong’ skin is the same; we must strengthen and restore its most fundamental, foundational cells before we address any of the surface issues. In this context, Epidermal Stem Cells are the skin’s foundational building blocks because all skin tissue originates from them. They are the fundamental level on which all aesthetic success is based.

"After treatment the skin became firmer. There appeared a feeling of increased skin turgidity. My friends tell [me] I look very good and fresh."

Image courtesy of Jessica Kueppers

The solution is StemZyme

The best way then to slow the decline in stem cells, and thus, the aging process, is to boost the stem cell population above the level required in the skin to constantly regenerate them, and that’s why epidermal stem cells are so important in maintaining biologically young and healthy skin.

The aesthetics industry is flooded with products that claim to harness stem cell technology in order to regenerate these life-giving cells – the source of all repair, rebuilding and regeneration in our bodies. However, most of these are nothing more than marketing ploys because they utilize inert stem cells from different parts of the body, which means they will not develop into skin-specific cells, or in many cases, different species (plant stem cells). In this latter example, the body’s immune system will identify these cells as ‘foreign bodies’ and something to be eliminated. The body’s excellent defence system will reject them.

Thus, in both examples of current stem cell treatment, the likelihood of the stem cells taking root and multiplying is extremely unlikely.
StemZyme™ is the world’s first treatment that harnesses the skin’s OWN epidermal stem cells to multiply in number, and then in turn, differentiate into specialist skin cells – basal cells, keratinocytes and melanocytes.

These are the cells that perform the functions that rebuild, protect and maintain the quality of a person’s skin. And while they are stimulated by DMK’s signature Enzyme treatment, StemZyme™ actually increases their number and reverses the decline in epidermal skin cells – a world first and a true revolution in the way skin will be treated moving forward.

This course of treatment is, at the most profound level, slowing the aging process, by reversing the decline in regenerative stem cells, and boosting their number – a first in skincare. DMK StemZyme™ Therapy also prevents inflammation, reduces oxidant radical damage, strengthens immunity, and improves blood supply to the skin. After the course of treatment, you can expect the following visible results: your skin will be firmer, bouncier, more turgid, plumper, look younger and have a more even tone.

"After the treatment the pores shrank, microrelief of the skin became smooth and even, and the network of fine lines around the eyes disappeared. After each session there was a sensation of clean, firmness and lifting. There is a decrease in skin oiliness. I wish to continue the treatment as I liked the result very much…"

What does StemZyme involve?

The StemZyme™ programme is a highly-specific 50-day protocol, combining 5 professional DMK treatments administered by DMK MD-certified clinicians, and a carefully mapped Home Prescriptive regimen.

The DMK MD™ level of certification is the pinnacle of our professional education programme. DMK MD™ training will provide our most qualified aestheticians with the tools and skills required to revise more advanced skin conditions and unlock the regenerative benefits of latent epidermal stem cells through our StemZyme™ treatment system.

While DMK Program One educates aestheticians on dysfunctional skin conditions and the importance of restoring skin homeostasis, DMK MD™ navigates even deeper into high-level concepts regarding epidermal stem cells, the skin’s microbiome, and advanced methods for revising more severe skin conditions such as scaring, acute acne and pigmentation.

In our newest revisionary breakthrough, DMK harnessed the power of enzymes to work with naturally occurring stem cells in the skin, creating StemZyme™ therapy. StemZyme™ therapy redefines how we understand and treat skin, and such groundbreaking treatment demands the hands and skill set of the most proficient and rigorous DMK MD Advanced Paramedical Skin therapists. Therefore, StemZyme™ therapy and its methods are exclusively available to MD-level DMK Skin Therapists.
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