There are many types of waxing services offered at Palmer Skincare. The most common types we specialize in are Back and Shoulders and the Male Brazilian or as we call it the” Baseball wax”. There are some facts and misconceptions about waxing that should be covered before you choose to book your appointment.


Waxing of the Back and Shoulders is a great way to remove unwanted hair on the back and shoulder area. We try to make the procedure quick and easy as to minimize any discomfort you may feel. Though certain areas on the back can be more sensitive than others overall any discomfort or pain is temporary. The area is thoroughly prepped and powdered to ensure a quick and easy detachment from the skin. The procedure generally last about 20-30 minutes and generally the results last for about 3-4 weeks though clients can come in every 2 weeks if they choose to.
Side Effects?
The treated area is generally a little red and sensitive for the first day and small red bumps may appear within the first few days. Some clients may experience a mild breakout but this can be effectively treated with a topical lotion that Palmer Skincare carries. Otherwise the skin is left feeling smooth, clean and fresh. Each person is different and the skin tends to toughen up after a few treatments.
What not to do before and after a wax?
Do not shave or clip the desired area. If the hair is less than a ¼ inch the wax will not be able to pull the hair effectively.
Avoid direct sun exposure for at least one day as the skin is technically newly exfoliated and will be more sensitive to UVA/UVB sunlight.
Do not engage in physical exercise that will induce heavy perspiration and sweating. After a wax the pores are open and excessive sweat may lead to irritation and clogging of the pores.


Many men to choose to wax their genital area or as I call it the Baseball Wax. This consists of the Scrotum, shaft or base of the penis and the taint or area under the balls. We can also wax the anal area.
Is this painful?
Yes but only temporarily and we use a special wax that makes for a quick and clean pull from the area. You may also choose to wax the entire genital, pubic and anal area which would be the Male Brazilian.
Every person is different and we can customize your wax for you. Although temporarily painful the results are well worth it as the area is smooth, cleaner and more sensitive to the touch.
Dos and Don’ts before and after a Baseball wax?
The same rules apply to a Baseball wax or Brazilian Wax as they do to the Back and Shoulder as stated above but we do request that you be freshly showered and clean in the area to be treated for sanitary purposes.
Is it embarrassing to get waxed?
Not to us. It can be a little uncomfortable to be fully exposed however remember we are here to get the area cleaned and waxed. Most men feel very comfortable after their first session.
Waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair and once clients start waxing, they rarely want to stop. After continued treatments hair growth actually tends to slow down which our clients definitely appreciate.