Male Baseball and Brazilian Wax – Is it for you? We share the myths and facts

Have you thought about getting our most popular waxing service here at Palmer Skin but never really knew what it was or weren’t sure if it was the right thing for you? Well, here is the breakdown and everything you need to know about our fan favorite, The Baseball Wax and the Male Brazilian

Baseball Wax vs. Male Brazilian – Simply put, the baseball wax is the removal of unwanted hair in the genital/anal area to include the bat, balls and dugout…Hence the baseball wax name. Going further with a Brazilian would include adding in the pubic/bikini area of the body. We of course can customize your wax to include only certain areas if you like.

Is this for you?

That depends on if you like hair in that area or wish to have a cleaner smoother area. It also may also depend on what your significant other may like as well. We will say that the majority of people who get a Baseball Wax tend to not want to stop and really love the results.

How long do the results last?

Unlike shaving and tweezing, what makes waxing these areas so great is that you can expect to see very minimal to no hair growth for several weeks and when the hair does come in, it is far less coarse or itchy as one would experience after shaving those areas.

How often should I get a wax?

We recommend 4-6 weeks. Generally, by week 5 you’re ready and excited to come in for your next appointment. Hair growth rates vary from one individual to the next but depending on the heaviness of your hair growth you could come back as early as 3 weeks but generally by then there is still not enough full growth to get the full effect of the wax.

Is waxing this area painful?

More psychological than anything. This is a sensitive and private area of the body so of course there would be some angst about getting this delicate area waxed. As with any waxing service, there will be an initial pull/sting for about 1-2 seconds which quickly goes away within another second. The area may tend to be slightly red for the next 12 hours but the next day you will wake up to the smoothest and cleanest feeling area you’ve ever felt.

Should I be embarrassed?

This is what we’ve been doing for ten plus years and it’s just another day at the office for us. Your treatment takes place in a private well-lit professional environment by another male. It’s kind of like wanting to go to a male doctor for a male related concern. Once people have had their first full treatment and realize it’s not as intimidating as they thought future recurring treatments become more and more comfortable.

Overall Benefits

This is not for everyone but like we said, once you start very few like to go back. It’s your hair and your preference. Notable positive results are a cleaner fresher feeling area and some have reported heightened sexual sensitivity and with less hair in the genital area there is the added benefit that this area will also be less hidden and more visible.

If you’re totally new to waxing in general, you may want to try one of our other waxing services first. We wax all kinds of areas to include the back and shoulders, nose/ears/brows, stomach, underarms, full body and the buttocks and genital area. We can also clip and trim areas of the body but remember the results do not last nearly as long as with waxing. So please check out the waxing section of our website and then book your appointment or contact us with any further questions.

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